House on The Rock 

Seven Things We Teach

The early church took the teachings of Jesus and his apostles seriously. The New Testament books are instructions handed down from Jesus to his apostles, and from the apostles, to the churches.  Every follower of Christ was taught how God intended all people to live and work in this world.


This new way of Spirit-led living brought about powerful transformations of character in the lives of those who walked with God according to the Scriptures.


All Christ-followers are taught to practice :


  1. A Lifestyle completely devoted to Loving God and people.

  2. A commitment to following the way of Christ and His apostles

  3. Proper family relationships as a priority.

  4. Proper relationships within the local church family.

  5. A lifestyle of proper behavior toward friends and neighbors.

  6. Proper attitude and conduct toward those in authority.

  7. A lifestyle of truthfulness and personal responsibility.


Jesus and his apostles modeled this Spirit-empowered way of living, and the early church leaders considered this way of life to be the norm for Christ-followers in all generations.

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